history help!!!!!!! review?

history help!!!!!!! review?

19. Key points of the Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany of its overseas and colonies required Germany to pay for the war. What else did the treaty require?
Germany would keep seized Russian territory.

Austria would give territory to France.

Germany would accept blame for the war.

Italy would gain territory from Serbia.

20. What was the major reason the U.S. Senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles?
They believed that Wilson should have gained some territory for the United States.

They objected to the League of Nations, fearing that it would supersede U.S. authority.

They decided that German reparations would not meet the costs of war.

They disapproved of the way the treaty was negotiated.

21. World War I brought changes, including a reduction in the power of labor unions and the addition of many new federal agencies and powers. What was one reaction of the civilian population to these changes?
resentment over government controls

relief over government assistance

widespread approval of increased federal powers

disapproval of federal hiring processes

22. What did the Selective Service Act authorize the government to do?
recruit volunteers to assist with labor shortages

draft men to serve in the military

require new federal employees to obtain security clearances

choose government workers according to scores they received on an entrance test

23. What brought an increase in income and growth in the GNP for the United States during the twenties?
industrialization and technology

longer hours

foreign credit

low unemployment

24. In which area was prosperity limited following World War I?
high compensation for women

assembly line jobs

seasonal unemployment

demands of the middle class

25. Why did the automobile have a major impact on the United States in the twenties?
The government could tax gasoline.

It caused traffic problems.

Accidents made it difficult for hospitals to provide adequate care.

A fifth of the population owned a vehicle to use for work and leisure.

26. Which technological change does not belong with American life in the 1920s?
televisions for most of the middle class

radios in homes across the nation

telephones for a majority of families

electricity in most urban homes and businesses

27. The changes in literary styles, new techniques in art and photography, and talking pictures are all examples of what 1920s cultural trend?




28. Dating, high school activities, and longer school enrollments in the 1920s were all signs of what phenomenon?
emphasis on education

stricter parental roles

youth culture

rebellion versus responsibility

29. What was the name for the 1920s African American cultural movement that included literature, drama, music, art, and dance?
Harlem Renaissance

Jazz Age

Coolidge Era

Lincoln-Douglas Revival

30. Which groups objected to immigrants, responded to the Red Scare, and believed white Protestants were better than others?
Communists and socialists

Labor unions and Jews

African Americans and Catholics

Nativists and the Ku Klux Klan

31. What brought a ban on the sale of alcohol, bootleggers, and an increase in organized crime to the United States during the 1920s?
the 18th Amendment

the Prohibition Act

Capone v. United States

the Women's Christian Temperance Union

32. What brought the conflict between the teaching of evolution and religious fundamentalism to the public's attention?
the high school reform movement

the Scopes Trial

the death of Warren Harding

the defeat of Al Smith

33. What group could be described for the first time in the 1920s with the terms flapper, wage-earner, and voter?

African Americans

urban Americans


34. Which policy was common to the Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover administrations?
an increase in the size of the federal government

an emphasis on big business and the growth of corporate power

stress on the role of the League of Nations in world affairs

a military buildup in preparation for the possibility of another world war
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